UFO Run. The castle tower

UFO Run. The castle tower

UFO Run. The Castle Tower is a exciting flying game based on the unrealistic human imagination of outer space astronauts. This game has received more than 13,000 plays and has a large number of supporters. It can be played on a computer or mobile phone online for free when there is a network and wifi, or can also be played offline when downloading the game to your computer.

Here, you will be equipped with weapons such as UFO jet missiles to help the green hero search for treasure among the mysterious corridors of the ancient castle. You will have to control the power of the Ufo jet maneuver between dangerous obstacles, deadly spikes and collect precious stars, level up your hero and collect the loot.

Recommended for you is to play the game in full screen mode for a clearer and more realistic experience. Besides, if you love run games, you can refer more and try some other games like Stickman Planks Fall also play similar to this game.

How to play

  • Click to start the game and move
  • Use space or "W", arrow keys to jump up
  • Use arrows or "X" key to land
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