Stack Fall 2

Stack Fall 2

Stack Fall 2 is a brand new game whose main task is help the ball reach the bottom of the tower and complete as many levels as possible. This is a mobile game with simple but attractive gameplay and very addictive. You will have to control a bouncing ball that destroys each layer of the spiral maze until you reach the last floor.

However, Stack Fall 2 players will face the challenge of controlling the ball to avoid the black part of the layers, otherwise the game will be over immediately. When you break multiple layers at once, you activate a fiery state, allowing the ball to pass through the black portion of the layers unharmed. This mode only lasts for a few seconds, so you have to take advantage of this short time to raise your score.

Besides, the floors of the tower in this game will rotate continuously, making the journey to the bottom of the tower more difficult. This requires players to act quickly, precisely at the right time to safely dribble the ball over obstacles. The game is divided into many different levels with increasing difficulty, so the more you play, the more attractive you will feel.

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How to play

  • Touch the phone screen or kick the mouse to start the game and let the ball move.
  • Break light colored bricks. Dodge the thick and black bricks.
  • When all the bricks are broken, the light bricks are completed, and the challenge will be completed and will move on to the next level.
  • Watch ads or complete quests to change the shape of the ball.
  • As the number of bricks is broken more and more, you can break even thicker bricks.
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