Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire

In the three levels of Spider Solitaire, players must arrange 104 cards into eight piles in decreasing order within the same suit. The object of the game is to remove every card from the animation and place it on the platform.

The cards in Spider Solitaire are separated into 10 columns. You may drag the face-up cards at the top of the deck into an empty column or beneath a larger card. The game's three levels—one color, two colors, and four colors—have varying degrees of complexity, from easy to hard to extremely hard. Start with the simplest level if this is your first time playing the game. In order to challenge yourself, you may raise the difficulty level to two or four colors after you've mastered the game and are sure of your skills. Let's get going!

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How to play

  • Utilize the "Play Game" button to start playing.
  • You may drag and drop the card using the mouse to move it.
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