Space Jumper

Space Jumper

Space Jump is a recent popular game. In which there are 4 players, they will take turns re-enacting activities in daily life. Specifically, a player begins to imitate an activity or daily routine. The second player (or MC) calls Freeze and the first is frozen. The second player builds another scene based on the first player's frozen position. Same goes for the other 2 players. Once players 3 and 4 are inside, as soon as Freeze is called, 2 and 3 will take their place where they were frozen and resume their scene and so on. As soon as player 1 returns alone in his activity, he needs to finish it and that ends the game.

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How to play

  • The first student starts onstage and is given a scene to start acting out.
  • The 1st student starts playing the scene.
  • The teacher calls out “SPACEJUMP” at which point the 1st student FREEZES straight away.
  • The 2nd student enters and must create a new scene (not the same as the one the 1st student was acting out) inspired by the freeze. The 2nd student can enter, take a quick look at the freeze and then prompt the scene to life by making an offer of the new scene.
  • Both students then start playing out the new scene.
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