Snow Rider 3D

Snow Rider 3D

Coming to Snow Ride 3D, 3D images and vivid sounds will immerse you in space with the most realistic online sleigh ride experience. This will be an addictive game with the task of overcoming obstacles, collecting gifts and trying to go as far as possible. Try to complete it excellently to get a high score.

Snow Ride 3D is a speed game. Therefore, it requires players to act quickly but still accurately. You must be very skillful to not collide with any obstacles.

Snow Ride 3D can be played online with friends without downloading right on our website. What you need is just a device with available network and wifi, you can invite relatives or friends to play. Or you can also communicate and connect with strangers around the world. What are you waiting for? Let's play it now!

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How to play

  • Use the "W", "S", A", "D" keys or the arrow keys on the keyboard to move, jump up, jump down, left, right.
  • Use space to jump
  • Use key combinations to increase movement speed
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