Smack Domino

Smack Domino

Smack Domino is a fun game based on the domino effect. In which, the player will affect a small point and cause a chain reaction at nearby points.

Its gameplay will be similar to the way of bowling. Meaning, the boards will be lined up and symmetrically, and a ball is in front of you. You'll need to get the ball running in the right direction so that you can hit the center of the first row of boards to create a domino effect and knock down all the boards behind it.

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How to play

  • Drag and hold the mouse to change and orient the ball run.
  • Kick the left mouse button and release your hand to let the ball start moving.
  • Based on the principles of physics, determine the angle of reflection and take advantage of the reflection of the ball when it encounters an obstacle to create an accurate ball path to the right center of gravity.
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