Run Dude!

Run Dude!

In Run Dude, player will be a young man named Tom participating in a running competition today. The ultimate goal of the game is to survive and win.

A treadmill will be shown on the screen in front of you as it approaches in the distance. The starting point will be where your character is. He will go ahead gently to come up to speed when there is a signal. Your activities are guided by the control keys. Barriers and traps will be put in place along the route, and there may also be hostile dogs in certain locations. As a result, you must keep a tight eye on your hero to ensure his safety while dodging these threats.

Keep in mind that the dog will begin pursuing you if it sees you. As you go, assist the hero in gathering numerous objects that are lying in your path. When you reach the finish line, the Run Dude game will grant you victory.

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How to play

  • Select the Play Game button to begin.
  • Move with mouse or keyboard arrows.
  • Touch and swipe to operate the controls on your mobile phone.
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