Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster is a popular roller coaster game where you can run and drive your trains, with colorful graphics and wind blowing sounds. You'll get to build your own rides including all kinds of roller coasters made of wood, steel, and suspension rail designs. At the same time, create rides and build your own theme parks to rival Six Flags, Disney World and Disneyland. Complete it in the best way to receive sponsors like Wonka Candy, and fly through the sky.

Roller Coaster with tons of realistic and exciting roller coaster challenges are waiting for you. It is meticulous and detailed in every visual design or sound effect. You will feel the rush of the giant fall and have fun in the roller coaster games in the most realistic way. You will see the image of the wind blowing through the hair when riding on the character's steel or wooden roller coaster. Surely it will bring a new feeling when you can run a bustling amusement park in it. After success, you will get a big reward. Try it now!

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How to play

  • Select the Play Game button to begin.
  • Move with mouse or keyboard arrows.
  • Touch and swipe to operate the controls on your mobile phone.
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