Road Climb Racer

Road Climb Racer

Road Climb Racer is a fun 2D road racing game. Accelerate along the hilly road and try to beat two other jeeps to the finish line.

You will have to race on bumpy roads. Therefore, you need to be careful because your jeep can easily overturn and explode if you don't keep your balance. One tip to keep you balanced when going through a steep incline is to slow down as soon as the car starts to descend. Besides, coins will help you upgrade your jeep to a new high level. So don't forget to collect it along the way. You will be able to protect your car with better armor or improve its speed and acceleration with the use of coins.

Road Climb Racer has 15 game levels. Each level of the game will be progressively more difficult to increase the fun of the game. If you are a conquest person, it will surely satisfy you.

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How to play

  • Left click on the Play button to start the game.
  • Use the arrow keys to speed up or drive backwards.
  • Tap the two gas pedals to drive forward or backward.
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