Pencil Rush

Pencil Rush

Pencil Rush is a great 3D game with the task of trying to collect more pens, avoiding obstacles and not touching the wall. At the beginning of the game, the player will have a pencil in hand and you have to pick up more pencils on the way to the finish line to add to your collection of colors.

In Pencil Rush you need to keep in mind that the more pens you collect, the more modules you can complete and all the blanks are filled in and your painting is fully displayed. Skillfully overcome obstacles and prepare everything to be ready to complete your masterpiece.

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How to play

  • To begin, use your mouse to click on the play button.
  • Use the "W", "S", A", "D" keys or the arrow keys on the keyboard to move, jump up, sit down, left, right.
  • Move the mouse so that the player and the screen move left or right.
  • Press the button or drag the left mouse button to move left and right.
  • Use key combinations to increase movement speed
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