Mushroom Adventure

Mushroom Adventure

Mushroom Adventure is back with exciting new features! Overcome all obstacles that appear in your way and reach the finish line as soon as possible! During the move, you will need to be careful with the dangers lurking around. You need to prepare mentally and mentally to avoid the mushrooms that move up and hit you. In addition, there are also deep holes you need to jump high to get through them. If you don't pass, you will lose 1 life.

In addition, the game also gives you the opportunity to overcome obstacles easily and increase your number of lives by acquiring items with symbols of luck. However, the game will determine the maximum number of lives and you will also lose if you do not protect your last number of lives.

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How to play

  • Use the WSAD keys or the arrow keys to jump up, sit down and left, right.
  • Combine keys to run and jump faster.
  • Spacebar can also be used to jump.
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