Monster Rush

Monster Rush

Monster Rush is a 3D action game with clear sound and image, players will have a great experience when playing the game. It can be played on the Google Chrome browser, Sarafi... and on any device that can connect to the Internet. Their mission in the game is to protect your property and safety by obstructing and destroying opponents, placing defensive towers along the way to automatically block and destroy monsters.

Monster Rush is a popular game with a large number of players from all over the world. Therefore, player can optionally choose languages ​​such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and German... to both play entertaining games and increase your foreign language skills. Or you can also invite foreigners to play this game with you to exchange, chat and understand more about the culture and people of your country.

Sound and effects are also a plus point that makes the game unique. Please wear headphones and turn up the volume really loud to feel and enjoy the sublime moments when playing this game.

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How to play

  • Perform movement operations with W, A, S, D keys or arrow keys to move; Spacebar to jump up.
  • Dodge the opponent's attacks and actively attack the opponent.
  • Overcome obstacles and find new things in the game.
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