Kris Mahjong

Kris Mahjong

In the entertaining matching game Kris Mahjong, players must match together images of related items to draw a straight line. A wonderful time! No intermediary image will be produced; the line will just pass through the harmonics of the live image.

A timed, multi-level tile-matching puzzle game is called Kris Mahjong. You must complete the pairing and take off all of the photo tiles from the screen before the countdown on the orange bar appears.

In Kris Mahjong, there are several different images to choose from. They are all gorgeous drawings with mouthwatering-looking foods and drinks as well as fruits and snacks. You may play the game with your own music or the optional background music. Will we play then?

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How to play

  • To begin, choose "Play Game".
  • Click on the images that seem to be similar to one another in order to match them up.
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