Play Impostor to become an astronaut, feel what it's like to travel in space with the crew, and contribute to the spaceship's rescue. Rest easy and have fun.

In the movie Impostor, there is an impostor aboard your spaceship, making a rescue mission incredibly challenging. They have an assassination plan that includes targeting every single member of your crew. Use care and a sharp eye to find them as soon as feasible. They'll create problems for your crew and the ship if you don't.

Remember that the impostor in Impostor may be someone who likes to hide in the background. Before creeping up behind you and murdering you, he waits for you and your allies to be distracted. Always use utmost care, since figuring out who he really is would be a Herculean undertaking. Right now, give it a try!

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How to play

  • To begin, choose "Play Game".
  • You may use the WASD or arrow keys to move around.
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