Idle Ball Fall

Idle Ball Fall

Idle Ball Fall is a fun game with eye-catching graphic design, that relies on direct and external impacts of the ball to create a zigzag track. It will require you to calculate the reflexes of the ball very carefully. In addition, a little bit, you also have to have a little luck and ingenuity, the ball can fall into the right position as desired. This game seems easy to play, but it is actually very difficult to become a good player.

To start the game you will drop a ball from top to bottom. Below it are obstacles that are arranged randomly and will obstruct and change the path of the ball. A corner at the bottom of the screen will be a safe destination for the ball. And if the ball lands in that position, you have succeeded and won the game.

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How to play

  • Determine where to drop the ball and visualize and pre-calculate the direction of the ball.
  • Drag and hold the ball to the drop position.
  • Left click to drop the ball from the top
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