Giant Rush!

Giant Rush!

Giant Rush is a hot fighting action game, attracting players by its simple gameplay, eye-catching graphic design and vivid sound effects. Entering the game space, you will be lost in a scene with a lot of giants and monsters around along with a tense and dramatic battle scene.

In Giant Rush, players will have to jump on ships, run through obstacles, merge blobs, grow stronger and fight against giant monsters. Not only that, players also have to be careful, timid to not take damage from attacks around. The game requires you to be a strategist, have a clear and reasonable strategy to lead your stickman hero to victory in the epic battle.

You will have to build a blob runner warrior strong enough to destroy all enemies in the game. Also you need to collect bonuses and upgrade your blob hero to be the best version. It will help you to overcome all the obstacles and win more easily.

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How to play

  • Collect more people of the same color.
  • Avoid people of different colors if you do not want to lose power.
  • Fight, slay giant monsters
  • Race through dangerous trails.
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