Falling Ball 3D

Falling Ball 3D

Ball Fall 3D is an exciting time-killing game that requires agility in the player's movements to win as quickly as possible! In which, the ball will move very fast with a dizzying speed. You need to focus on the ball and move the ball as fast as possible so that the ball does not collide with the black part of the tower and bounce the ball out. The difficulty in the game will also increase gradually with each level in the game, so it will definitely be suitable for those of you who are passionate about conquering challenging games.

It will also be a difficult game for you to challenge to play with your friends, and race to see who will have the higher score. On the other hand, this game won't take up too much space and battery on your phone, so you won't need to worry and hesitate to download it.

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How to play

  • Move the ball by moving the mouse pointer on the computer or swiping left and right on the phone screen.
  • Do not touch the black part of the tower.
  • The speed of falling will be faster, so it is necessary to increase the level of concentration when playing.
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