Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

In the Fall Of Guyz Rocket Hero game, players will be transformed into a hero fighting monsters who want to take over cities with a bazooka. The adversary will have some kind of weaponry at a specific range from it as well. You will need to swiftly and carefully scan everything before using the mouse to choose the hero. This will show a recognizable dashed line. You may use it to determine when you are ready to shoot the shot as well as its trajectory. If your perception is accurate, an arrow traveling along a certain trajectory will kill the adversary and score points.

In addition, the bonuses accumulated in Fall Of Guyz Rocket Hero can be used to buy new weapons, buy more ammo... to support in the battle. But spend it sensibly so as not to spend too much money and still be able to complete the tasks well later.

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How to play

  • Choose the angle for the rocket.
  • Kill the enemies standing on top of the tower by aiming at the right angle of the arrow and shooting.
  • Use mouse to control and move.
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