Epic Hole Runner

Epic Hole Runner

Epic Hole Runner is a fun hyper casual game where you have to consume as many items as you can to grow in size and earn points.

The goal of Epic Hole Runner is for the player to better understand the objects in a level to increase in size and accumulate more points. Remember that red crates are explosive and will break your size, when green crates can trigger a rush mod that gets you max size and no combat.

Epic Hole Runner uses animations with vivid 2D colors, a simple gameplay interface that ensures it will be suitable for all audiences and causes excitement for players.

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How to play

  • Use the mouse to play on computers and laptops.
  • Touch and swipe on the phone screen.
  • Absorb goods and grow in size and scale.
  • Collect green crates to activate rush mode.
  • Complete objectives to unlock new skins.
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