Eggy Car is a fun game where the player has to drive a car with an egg to the top of a hill. Your task is not to let the egg fall. It requires the player has to do is drive carefully and cover the maximum distance. Its gameplay is very easy, but to keep the egg from falling, it also requires care and ingenuity.

Eggy Car uses basic moves on a computer or phone keyboard, so even first-timers can play it. The picture and sound are all captivating. This will be a great game for you to entertain.

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How to play

  •  Use the "W", "S", A", "D" keys or the arrow keys on the keyboard to move, jump up, sit down, left, right.
  • Move the mouse so that the player and the screen move left or right.
  • Press the button or drag the left mouse button to move left and right.
  • Use key combinations to increase movement speed and attack opponents.
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