Dino Game

Dino Game

Dino Game with the character is a dinosaur, the player will have to move to not collide with the obstacles in order to gradually increase their score. This is a typical Google Chrome user's time killing game when there is no network connection. It will start showing up with a message that there is no network connection and a picture of a dinosaur on the screen. To start the game, the player will press the spacebar or click the left mouse button, the dinosaur will start moving. On the way there will be obstacles such as cactus, birds... Your task is to jump up or stoop to avoid collision. If a collision occurs, the game ends immediately.

Scores will be increased gradually during the move. When the player reaches about 700 points, the game screen will change. Dark gray on white graphics will change to light gray on black graphics, depicting the transition from day to night, the daytime graphics of the sky also turning into night graphics. Dino Game requires observation and careful calculation to overcome consecutive obstacles. You can turn off your internet connection to play this game directly on Google Chrome or on our website when there is an internet connection. This will also be a game where you can solo score with friends in your free time.

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How to play

  • Press space or left click to start playing.
  • Space key or arrow ↑ on keyboard to jump up.
  • Press the arrow ↓, the character will stoop.
  • Combine space or arrow ↑ with arrow keys to move left, right to move faster.
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