Crime Moto Racer

Crime Moto Racer

Crime Moto Racer is a popular speed game in which the player must control a motorbike to overcome a long road full of obstacles. Rush forward as quickly as possible, while performing skills so as not to crash into cars on the road.

There are also obstacles that stand in the way and there are also bonuses scattered along the way. You have to collect it to accumulate money to upgrade your car or buy better cars.

In Crime Moto Racer, the difficulty level will increase gradually and you need to accelerate crazy but also have to react quickly to the dangers lurking right in front of you.

In addition, very vivid sound effects will stimulate and enhance your feeling when playing. Besides, there are many other 3D games on our website. You can refer more and try some other games like Fall Beans also play similar to this game.

How to play

  • The keys W, A, S, D correspond to jump up, left, down and right respectively.
  • The arrow keys on the keyboard will move in the same direction as the arrow.
  • Spacebar will have the effect of jumping.
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