Cookie Clicker promises to be a time-killing game that gives players comfortable moments of entertainment with friends and relatives. The features in the game are extremely attractive that will attract you from the first time you try it. The player's task is to click to make cookies, then buy things to make cookies.

Cookie Clicker has a very simple gameplay. At first, the player clicks on a large cookie on the far left of the screen, earning one cookie for each click. With these cookies, players can purchase new assets such as pointers, grandmothers, farms, mines, factories, banks, temples and many more. These cookies will automatically generate cookies without a click. Prices increase exponentially, each property costing 15% more than the last purchased property of the same class. Players can also purchase upgrades to increase cookie production for these buildings. Golden cookies, small cookies that appear in random locations and disappear after a few seconds, appear periodically and grant effects, such as a temporary production speed boost, if clicked before they disappear.

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How to play

  • Click “Play Game” to start.
  • Click to make cookies, then buy things to make cookies.
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