Bricky Fall

Bricky Fall

Bricky Fall is a highly popular adventure game that is totally free-to-play. Explore the vivid and realistic 3D art space in this game right now! Unlike mountain climbing, this will be a subject for those who love skydiving and are not afraid of heights. 

You will have to overcome yourself with your own fears and jump from above to the cliff. Besides, you need to use the hammer to smash the bricks to create momentum for you to fall to the required position in the game. Therefore, this game requires you to feel the falling speed and time it to stop in time to receive many attractive bonuses.

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How to play

  • Use your computer mouse or tap lightly on the phone screen to start free fall.
  • Use the WASD scroll keys on the keyboard or move with the computer mouse. For mobile players, it is possible to move by swiping the screen left or right.
  • Smash bricks to create stops and stick to the wall.
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